FREE registration to all children of FIREFIGHTERS, POLICE OFFICERS, and members of our MILITARY! Thank you for your service!!

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE this place! It is CLEAN, ORGANIZED and CONVENIENT, and it’s got by far the BEST STAFF of any place I have checked out. We moved to the area about a year and a half ago, which is how long my son has attended Kid’s Corral. Ms.Stacy and all the other amazing ladies at the front go out of their way each day to greet every parent and child by name. Everyone is so FRIENDLY. It is obvious that everyone here LOVE KIDS. I have never seen such a NICE, CARING, HAPPY staff in one place. My son LOVES GOING everyday! He loves his teachers and has made friends and he is LEARNING so MUCH! It is so refreshing to see how PASSIONATE the TEACHERS are about what they do and how much they LOVE the KIDS and take such good care of them. I highly RECOMMEND Kid’s Corral in Savannah!