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Biting Policy – Providence


Biting Policy

Biting is ,unfortunately,not uncommon for toddlers. Some children and many toddlers communicate through this behavior. However, biting can be harmful to other children and to staff. This biting policy has been developed with both of these ideas in mind. As a childcare provider, we understand that biting, unfortunately, does occur. Our goal is to help identify what is causing the biting and resolve these issues. If the issue cannot be resolved, this policy serves to protect the children that are bitten. If a biting incident occurs, state regulations require that the parent of the child biting and the parent of the child who was bitten be contacted. Names of the children are not shared with either parent.

When Biting Does Occur:

Our staff strongly disapproves of biting. The staff’s job is to keep the children safe and help a child that bites learn different, more appropriate behavior. We do not use techniques to alarm, hurt, or frighten children such as biting back or washing a child’s mouth out with soap.
For the child that was bitten:
  1. The teacher will comfort the child. First aid is given to the bite. Ice will be provided and the area is to be cleaned with soap and water and covered with a bandage if needed.
  2. The teacher will immediately notify office staff, at which time parents are notified.
  3. An Incident Report will be completed, documenting the incident.
  4. Parents may request a conference with the Director to discuss any concerns/questions.

For the child that bit:

  1. The teacher will firmly tell the child “NO! DO NOT BITE!” and show the child how he/she hurt their friend.
  2. The child may be placed in time out for no longer than the child’s age (one year old, one minute) or removed from the situation.
  3. The parents are notified.
  4. An Incident Report will be completed, documenting the incident.

When Biting Continues:

  1. If personnel is available, the child will be shadowed to help prevent any biting incidents.
  2. The child will be observed by the classroom staff to determine what is causing the child to bite (teething, communication, frustration, etc.) The administrative staff may also observe the child if the classroom staff is unable to determine the cause.
  3. The child will be given positive attention and approval for positive behavior.
  4. The child will be provided a teething ring or other appropriate teething toy.
  5. The Director will ensure the teacher has adequate resources and training necessary to keep the children active and engaged in supervised activities.
  6. The Director will evaluate the biting log to determine the cause of the biting and make suggestions to the parent and teacher to stop the biting. The Director will provide literature to the parent and determine whether or not the teacher needs additional training. The Director will document all information.
  7. The Director will schedule a conference with the parents of the child who is biting to develop a plan for home and the center to stop the biting.

When Biting Becomes Excessive:

  1. After all preventative steps have been tried by the staff members, if the child continues to bite routinely the Director will call the parent to pick up the child for the remainder of the day. Chronic biting may require that a child be suspended from enrollment for a period of time. If a child is suspended, the parent will be informed that the child may return to the center as soon as the biting is abated;
  2. If the child returns to the center, continues to bite, and is endangering the other children, the child may be terminated from the program.

***This policy is effective February 24, 2017. All past experiences of biting are not included in this policy, as this policy was not in effect at the time of biting. All biting occurrences from today forward will be counted towards a child’s total biting incidents.

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