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ACH Payment (Providence)


The Kid’s Corral
1751 FM 2931
Providence Village, TX 76227

ACH / Electronic Check Authorization

By signing this agreement, I hereby authorize The Kid’s Corral to electronically debit the checking or savings account indicated below for payment authorized under this agreement and due in accordance with the Kid’s Corral Agreement. I understand that the effective date of these electronic debits to my account will be made on the day of the week I specify below and in the frequency I also specify below. I understand that if the debit is returned unpaid due to insufficient funds, I may be charged a $30.00 NSF Penalty or the returned item in addition to any charge my banking institution may levy. In authorizing this payment, I have read and understa
nd the terms and conditions of this agreement.

If you should need to notify us of your intent to refund a payment, please contact us up to 14 business days after the questioned debit. Please call 940-440-0040 or email us at from 9A to 5P during regular business days (excluding Holidays or Saturday or Sunday)

I hereby assert that I am either the rightful and legal owner of the above account or I am a duly authorized signer on the account with the power to authorize these transactions