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The two-year-old room at The Kid’s Corral Providence Village and Savannah use an integrated curriculum to promote learning in a developmentally appropriate, clean and safe environment. Two year olds develop many new language and gross motor skills, as well as developing their sense of independence.  The curriculum for our two-year olds is thoughtfully and intentionally supports learning in the areas of language arts, mathematical thinking, science, the arts, motor skills and social-emotional development.  In this classroom, children learn various skills to help them learn to take care of themselves (potty-training, etc.) and each other.  Our teachers guide children in their discoveries and foster the skills of life-long learning.

Staff are trained to work specifically with this age and to promote a positive self-image in our two year olds.  We use a comprehensive, research-based curriculum to ensure all areas of development are being met. Children learn to work in a variety of individual, and small and large cooperative group activities.  We believe in using teaching methods that match the way each child develops and learns.

Each day teachers provide activities for the children to explore in art, blocks and dramatic play, promoting creativity. This is the age when interactive reading becomes even more important. We focus on your child’s speaking, listening and vocabulary development.

We provide opportunities for early math concept learning, such as number recognition (1-10), matching and color/shape recognition.

The outdoor playground is developmentally appropriate providing each child with the fun and active play necessary for a well-rounded, positive daily experience.

It is our goal to provide all children with a strong educational and emotional foundation before moving into the pre-school program. Each parent receives a daily report to keep them informed of their child’s activities, discoveries and advancements.  We believe in involving parents every step of the way and have an open-door policy so that parents can visit and discuss their child’s development at their convenience.