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Toddler/Twos (18-36 Months)

The toddler and two-year-old classrooms at The Kid’s Corral Providence Village and Savannah incorporate the Frogstreet curriculum to promote learning in a developmentally appropriate, clean and safe environment. Toddlers and two year olds develop new language and gross motor skills daily, as well as developing their sense of independence. 

Designed around the latest scientific early brain development research, the Frogstreet program focuses on enhancing the simple joy of childhood while providing children opportunities to nurture curiosity through exploration. Frogstreet Toddler, created by Dr. Pam Schiller, incorporates Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline® and is specifically created for children ages 18-36 months. Activity choices are organized around five developmental domains, offering differentiated instruction options to meet the needs of all learners and can be easily infused into daily routines, such as diaper changing, transitions, and outdoor play and are designed with intention and purpose to move children forward in their development.

Language Development: Little ones will be immersed in a language-rich environment essential for developing both receptive and expressive language skills. Frogstreet Toddler includes high-interest books, stories, songs, poems, and chants that will amuse and delight toddlers. Vocabulary words are introduced and reinforced weekly through activity integration, colorful photo cards, and sign language to support all learning modalities. Story Time includes modeled dialog, in English and Spanish, for follow-up story discussions.

Cognitive Development: Frogstreet Toddler offers activities that support cause-and-effect relationships and problem solving to develop foundational skills for lifelong learning. Each week, teachers have a range of activity choices that will give little ones plenty of opportunities to express creativity, solve child-sized problems, and develop curiosity.

Physical Development: The activity choices in this domain provide toddlers with fun physical challenges, action songs, and games that will build coordination, balance, and muscle strength. Little ones will develop both gross motor and fine motor skills as they squeeze, tear, roll, toss, catch, hug, hop, twist, run, and much more!

Social Emotional Development: Frogstreet Toddler places a special emphasis on social emotional development because learning best evolves through relationships and responsive care giving. Toddlers will build confidence, learn impulse control, and develop social skills while caregivers build trusting relationships with children through one-on-one, partner, and small-group interactions. 

Conscious Discipline:   Becky Bailey, Ph.D. stated “Self regulation is the key to school readiness and more powerful than IQ as a predictor of academic achievement.”  Frogstreet Toddler includes a comprehensive classroom management and social-emotional component that creates a learning environment where children feel safe and loved. Children learn to reduce stress, engage appropriately with their classmates, and practice social skills, such as using kind words and helpful hands.

Differentiated Instruction: Children are at many different developmental levels during the period of growth from 18-36 months of age. Children also vary in culture, language, motivation, abilities, and interests. But all children can learn effectively regardless of these differences. Frogstreet Toddler offers opportunities to meet the needs of all learners through challenging activities for ready learners.

Bilingual Components: Creative Spanish adaptations for all songs and poems are included in the activity guides and the literature library is available in English and Spanish.

During these early childhood years, all areas of development—thinking, feeling, moving, and getting along with others—are connected. We believe toddlers need to feel safe and secure so they can develop a love of learning that will be an asset during school years and beyond. Relationships with caring adults give toddlers the confidence to experiment as they grow, step by step, into people who are ready to meet the challenges of life.