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Employment Opportunities for The Kid’s Corral

Come be a part of our amazing school family!
While experience is always preferred, we can provide training for the right person. Candidates must have a high school diploma, degree preferred, be able to pass a criminal background check, be CPR/FA certified and have a true passion for working with children. We are not a “daycare”. Our teachers are expected to follow lesson plans and ensure an educational, safe learning environment for the children they teach.

You may apply in person, or e-mail a completed application to the Director at the location you prefer, or both

The Kid’s Corral at Savannah

631 Magnolia Blvd.
Savannah, TX 76227

Phone: (972) 346-2100
Fax: (972) 347-9915
Suzanne Brewer, Director

The Kid’s Corral at Providence Village

1751 FM 2931
Providence Village, TX 76227
Located at the corner
of FM 2931 and Cape Cod Blvd.

Phone: (940) 440-0040
Fax: (940) 365-0844
Tabatha Vance, Director